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BC Soccer Technical Resources

Technical Resources

Explore a wealth of resources designed to enhance player, coach, and referee development.

BC Soccer Technical Service Plan Overview

Access comprehensive resources, including player, coach, and team profiles aligned with session plans and a wider curriculum.

BC Soccer Association Technical Service Plan​​
BC Soccer Association 2024 Technical Service Plan​​
BC Soccer Association Introduction

BC Soccer Player Profiles

Detailed profiles that help coaches develop players by identifying their strengths and areas for improvement.

Download Player Profiles​ >> (BC Soccer Association)​

BC Soccer Coach Profiles

Guidelines for coaches to create a safe, positive, and fun environment, focusing on player development.

Download Coach Profiles​ (BC Soccer Association)​

BC Soccer Team Profiles

Age-appropriate developmental frameworks for the season-long game environment.

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BC Soccer Curriculums

Structured training frameworks for different age groups:

For more detailed information and additional resources, visit the BC Soccer Technical Resources page​ (BC Soccer Association)​​ (BC Soccer Association)​​ (BC Soccer Association)​.



We envision a future where every soccer player's journey is amplified by unparalleled opportunities and transformative experiences, driving them to the zenith of their potential and the sport. Elite XI - Canada seeks to bridge local passion with global ambition, offering players unique pathways to hone their skills, compete against the best, and develop a multifaceted character. Our aspiration is for our athletes to not only shine on the global stage and at the pinnacle of play but also to stand as beacons of shared growth. As they return to their clubs, armed with enriched perspectives and a wealth of experiences, they become catalysts of inspiration, elevating their teammates and strengthening the wider soccer community.