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We understand that embarking on a soccer journey with EliteXI raises questions, and we're here to provide clarity through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Whether you're wondering about club affiliations, player permits, or the support we offer before showcases, we've got you covered.

A nationwide initiative for soccer players aged 8-17, focusing on identifying and nurturing talented players through various selection methods.

The EliteXI Canada program is a joint collaboration with VIP Sports Inc., a BC Soccer sanctioned club.

Selection is through ID Camps, an Expression of Interest with a video highlight of the player, coach recommendations, or identification by the Elite XI recruitment team.

The program is designed for players aged 8-17.

Yes, selected players gain access to prestigious events in North America and internationally.

  • (Ages 14-17): Provide exposure at high-level events, preparing players for collegiate and professional opportunities.
  • (Ages 8-12): Create an environment for high-aptitude competition and enjoyable experiences with travel and new playing environments.

Players aged 14-17 stay and travel academy style, with four to a room, and all meals and activities together. Parents of players aged 8-12 must attend and arrange individual accommodation.

The duration of the program is the length of the event. Academy program questions should be directed to the center in charge.

Details about costs, including training fees, travel, and equipment, are usually provided upon selection.

The program emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and personal growth, guided by experienced coaches.

Player well-being is a priority, with protocols for injury prevention, healthcare, and overall safety.

Parents do not have to attend for players aged 14-17, but must be present for players aged 8-12.

All players arrange their own flights. Elite XI - Canada staff provide transportation for older players at designated airport pickup times. For times outside these, alternative arrangements such as Uber must be made by parents. All local transportation for U14-U18 is arranged by Elite XI- Canada for all players. For younger players parents must arrange transportation for their player and themselves.

Players receive evaluations and feedback after the event to help players progress and identify areas for improvement.

Yes, the program is designed to complement, not replace, club team participation.

Players gain advanced training, exposure, and opportunities that can lead to higher-level play and potential scholarships.

The program emphasizes teamwork, respect, and collective growth, creating a supportive team culture.

Players receive guidance on proper nutrition and fitness to support their development and performance.

The program is committed to diversity and inclusivity, welcoming talented players from various backgrounds.

Players aged 14-17 travel and stay together academy-style, while players aged 8-12 must have a parent present, with individual accommodation arrangements.

Elite XI Canada Tournament Refund Policy:

At Elite XI Canada, we value the commitment and enthusiasm of our participants. Understanding that circumstances may change, we have developed a comprehensive refund policy for travel tournaments to ensure fairness and transparency:

Full Refund Policy (90+ Days from Event Start):

  • Participants are eligible for a full refund if they choose to withdraw or find themselves unable to commit, provided the refund request is submitted 90 days or more before the scheduled start date of the tournament. We believe in accommodating our participants' needs and decisions with flexibility during this early period.

Partial Refund Policy (45-90 Days from Event Start):

  • In the period between 45 and 90 days from the tournament's start date, a non-refundable cancellation fee of $500 USD will be applied. The remaining balance will be refunded to the participant. We acknowledge that circumstances may change within this timeframe, and this partial refund policy aims to address such situations.

No Refund Policy (Within 45 Days of Event Start):

  • Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 45 days of the tournament start date. This policy is in place due to the advanced preparations and commitments made to ensure a seamless and high-quality tournament experience for all participants.

We kindly request that all refund requests be submitted in writing to our administration team at support@elitexicanada.com, providing ample time for processing. Elite XI Canada reserves the right to consider exceptions to this policy in extenuating circumstances, with each case evaluated on an individual basis. Our commitment is to fairness and understanding, and we appreciate the understanding of all participants in adhering to these refund guidelines.

Need help? Email support@elitexicanada.com

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We envision a future where every soccer player's journey is amplified by unparalleled opportunities and transformative experiences, driving them to the zenith of their potential and the sport. Elite XI - Canada seeks to bridge local passion with global ambition, offering players unique pathways to hone their skills, compete against the best, and develop a multifaceted character. Our aspiration is for our athletes to not only shine on the global stage and at the pinnacle of play but also to stand as beacons of shared growth. As they return to their clubs, armed with enriched perspectives and a wealth of experiences, they become catalysts of inspiration, elevating their teammates and strengthening the wider soccer community.