Elite XI Soccer

Core Values

Foundations of Excellence

  • Cultivating Accountability:

    At EliteXi, accountability is the cornerstone of personal and collective growth. It involves taking ownership of one's actions and fostering a culture where individuals are accountable for their deeds. Ultimate accountability rests with the individual, and a commitment to constructive judgment propels us toward continuous improvement and success as a team.

  • Seeking Guidance and Aspiring Excellence:

    Advice is not just welcomed but actively sought at EliteXi. We champion a learning mindset and encourage being coachable as essential attributes. Embracing advice is a commitment to aspiring for the best, tapping into the collective knowledge of our community, and elevating our skills and performance on and off the field.

  • Fostering Empathetic Connections:

    Empathy is the foundation of strong relationships at EliteXi. It goes beyond understanding to actively sharing the feelings of others. By prioritizing empathy, we create a supportive environment that fosters deep connections and unity, promoting a sense of belonging and understanding within our community.

  • Discovering Joy in Diligence:

    Work is considered a gift at EliteXi, and finding joy in diligence is a mindset we cultivate. Enjoyment is not just a byproduct but a conscious choice that transforms challenges into opportunities. Recognizing the inherent satisfaction in hard work, we foster a positive atmosphere where passion fuels our endeavors, contributing to a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

  • Embracing Humility for Growth:

    Humility is a guiding principle at EliteXi, emphasizing acknowledgment of mistakes, seeking forgiveness, and moving forward. This value creates an environment where individuals learn from errors without dwelling on them. Embracing humility fosters a culture of growth, resilience, and forgiveness, contributing to a positive and supportive atmosphere.

  • Exemplifying Leadership Beyond Authority:

    Leadership at EliteXi transcends authority to embody trustworthiness, honesty, and sincerity. Our leaders exemplify integrity, selflessly serving others and prioritizing the greater good. By embodying these traits, leaders inspire a culture of constructive work, fostering an environment where everyone is motivated to contribute their best for the collective success of the team.

  • Igniting Passion for Enduring Excellence:

    Passion is the driving force at EliteXi, representing unwavering trust, hope, and perseverance. Instilling a passion for excellence creates a culture where challenges are met with enthusiasm, failures are seen as stepping stones to success, and achievements are celebrated with enduring fervor.

  • Demonstrating Universal Respect:

    Respect is a fundamental principle at EliteXi, extending to every interaction. It involves showing consideration and thoughtfulness toward opponents, colleagues, superiors, and subordinates. By embodying respect in our actions and words, we create a harmonious environment where everyone feels valued, contributing to a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

  • Prioritizing Comprehensive Safety:

    Safety at EliteXi goes beyond physical well-being; it encompasses emotional and mental safety. We prioritize creating an environment where individuals feel comforted and encouraged, free from ridicule and attack. By upholding self-control and kindness, we ensure a secure space where everyone can focus on their growth and contribute positively to the club's success.

  • Perseverance as the Path to Success:

    Tenacity is the bedrock of success at EliteXi. It represents an unwavering commitment to persevere, work diligently, and overcome challenges. By instilling a sense of fearlessness and courage, we inspire individuals to work smart, take responsibility for their success, and push boundaries to achieve greatness.

  • Unity: The Power of Collective Achievement:

    Unity is the force that makes all things possible at EliteXi. It involves supporting teammates in times of challenge, sharing burdens, and celebrating successes together. By recognizing the strength in unity, we foster a sense of belonging and teamwork that transcends individual accomplishments. The culture of unity at EliteXi is the key to achieving our goals collectively and creating lasting success on and off the field.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Sports


We envision a future where every soccer player's journey is amplified by unparalleled opportunities and transformative experiences, driving them to the zenith of their potential and the sport. Elite XI - Canada seeks to bridge local passion with global ambition, offering players unique pathways to hone their skills, compete against the best, and develop a multifaceted character. Our aspiration is for our athletes to not only shine on the global stage and at the pinnacle of play but also to stand as beacons of shared growth. As they return to their clubs, armed with enriched perspectives and a wealth of experiences, they become catalysts of inspiration, elevating their teammates and strengthening the wider soccer community.