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WHY Elite XI?


Introducing the Elite XI – Canada Program, powered by Nike, a nationwide initiative tailored for talented soccer enthusiasts aged 8-18. Our program offers access to cutting-edge development pathways, uniting top-tier coaches and players to nurture excellence. Opportunities for identification are widespread across Canada, and those selected gain exclusive entry to prestigious events within North America and on the international stage. Our goal is to complement the foundational training players receive at their clubs by providing additional tools and perspectives, fostering integration and knowledge-sharing upon their return. Through this approach, we cultivate collective growth and development among our ambitious athletes.

The EliteXI Canada program is a joint collaboration with VIP Sports Inc., a BC Soccer sanctioned club.

We recognize the importance of early development, and that's why we extend our commitment to soccer enthusiasts aged 8-13. Our program ensures that younger players receive valuable experiences at top-tier tournaments, preparing them for the pressures of international competitions in the future. By providing a platform for these budding talents to showcase their skills and gain exposure at a young age, we aim to give them a head start in their soccer journey. This strategic approach ensures that when they are ready to face the challenges of higher-level competitions, they'll be well-equipped and far ahead of the game.

Welcome to Elite XI, where we invest in the future stars of soccer from the very beginning.



We envision a future where every soccer player's journey is amplified by unparalleled opportunities and transformative experiences, driving them to the zenith of their potential and the sport. Elite XI - Canada seeks to bridge local passion with global ambition, offering players unique pathways to hone their skills, compete against the best, and develop a multifaceted character. Our aspiration is for our athletes to not only shine on the global stage and at the pinnacle of play but also to stand as beacons of shared growth. As they return to their clubs, armed with enriched perspectives and a wealth of experiences, they become catalysts of inspiration, elevating their teammates and strengthening the wider soccer community.