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"This exclusive opportunity is by application only, and gaining entry into our esteemed community begins with submitting an application. Elite XI EPA serves as the initial phase for ages 7-14, where comprehensive assessments, including skill, mental acuity, tactical understanding, and attitude, are meticulously evaluated. Depending on proficiency in these key areas, individuals may progress to our select, premier, or national teams."

"greatness is earned, not given."

elite Methods Parents Use to Improve Their Child's Soccer Skills

elite Methods Parents Use to Improve Their Child's Soccer Skills

If you've ever yearned to significantly improve your child's soccer skills and increase their mental toughness, this letter might be the most critical you'll ever read. It could change the trajectory of your child’s soccer journey. Seeing your child perform excellently on the pitch, outmaneuvering competition, is truly rewarding. Helping them develop soccer prowess and giving them the best chance for success at higher levels is a dream you share with many parents. It's ambitions like these that can drive you and your child to great achievements in soccer.

Instead of constantly struggling to find quality coaching for your child, or spending a significant amount on private coaches, now you can focus your resources in the right direction. Instead of dealing with volunteer coaches or clubs that don’t notice the exceptional promise you see in your child to provide opportunities they’ve earned you can focus your time and energy in the rigt direction. You now have the chance to level-up your kid's development with proper guidance and training. The days of frustration and disappointment are over, and a promising future in soccer awaits your child.

Starting today, you can start seeing real results from ELITE level training and coaching. Your child too, can begin to develop noticeable skills, perform better during games and even stand out during competitive soccer tryouts.

The harsh reality for many...

The harsh reality for many...

A recent survey of parents of young soccer enthusiasts highlights the issue of finding quality coaching as a major stumbling block in their children’s progression. It painted a picture of countless hours wasted on unproductive training sessions, inconsistent coaching standards, significant resources expended on private lessons, and a lack of experienced coaches. This reality strikes a deep emotional chord with many parents who desire more for their children. This struggle, supported by research as well, emphasizes that parents lack the knowledge about how best to improve their kid’s soccer skills, often leading to stunted growth and progress.

Perhaps You Can Relate...

Perhaps You Can Relate...

You may have tried to enhance your child's soccer skills but continually grappled with the uncertainty of where to find quality coaching and training for your child. Each attempt to find experienced coaching or increase their tactical skill level results in wasted time, money, and frustration. You end up feeling stuck, helpless, and disappointed. At times it feels like no matter how determined you are, improving your child’s soccer skills remains an unachievable goal.

But There's A Reason Why...

But There's A Reason Why...

Don’t lose hope. It's not your fault if you’ve consistently had terrible experiences with coaching and haven’t seen concrete results yet. The root cause of your struggle possibly is the cookie-cutter coaches and programs that group all kids in one session regardless of skill level, or those who promote actions like spending big on private coaches and rushing to attend multiple training programs simultaneously as solutions. These coaches ignore the fact that private coaching though useful, without a structured program may lead to minimal progress and randomly attending training programs can lead to burnout and conflicting advice.

Hence, such approaches will only yield results if you're incredibly fortunate.

Why do some young athletes excel in soccer while others lag behind or struggle to improve?

The correct training methodology...

Browsing the internet for tips and relying solely on volunteer coaches won't guarantee the improvement you're hoping for your child. To help your child play at higher levels and increase his/her soccer skills and mental toughness, you need a comprehensive program that transforms plans into action and removes the overwhelming ambiguity of training.

Our Elite Performance Academies offer a proven step-by-step system used by thousands of children of all ages and abilities to excel in soccer.

If you're fed up with the lack of results from expensive training programs...

Try something unique or prepare to face the same disappointment.

Although many kids started with varying degrees of interest and skill in soccer, certain patterns emerged. The kids who made the fastest improvement always had a few things in common. They were part of an organized training regimen. They were driven by their passion and competitive spirit. They were always eager to learn and took every feedback as a chance to grow. Their parents were supportive, but not overly pressurizing. All these were a perfect recipe for producing little soccer prodigies.

And then we discovered something else:

You're not alone. There are countless parents out there who are overwhelmed, frustrated, and doubtful about how to effectively cultivate their child's soccer talent while fostering their love of the game. But guess what? With the right guidance and resources at your fingertips, your kid can become a whiz on the soccer pitch in no time.



  • Picture how your child's football skills evolve from average player to star athlete under our specialized training. Just as seeds transform into mighty oaks under the right conditions, your child's talent will flourish under our watchful eyes.
  • Imagine flipping the page from your child's anonymity to topping their league charts in just 90 days! Like a diamond honed under pressure by expert craftsmen, we polish your child's on-field skills for peak performance.
  • Think of the difference between mass-produced toys and tailored masterpieces. The run-of-the-mill training methods risk your child's passion and progress. Instead, our bespoke coaching reignites your child's love for football while significantly upping their game.
  • Do you fancy pouring your hard-earned money into uncertain outcomes? Our approach is like an acorn, an investment with a promise of towering results. It turns your present-day commitment into your child's future football triumphs.
  • Consider our exclusive training program the golden ticket for your child's soccer journey. Our Personal attention commits to your child twice a week over a decisive 10-month period with monthly video analysis sessions, games, and regular assessments. It's akin to having access to the secret recipe for success!
  • Imagine a well-synced orchestra vs. a cacophony. Our unified technical team shapes your child's growth, unlike the chaos caused by multiple coaches. We ensure a harmonious journey towards football stardom.
  • Ditch the trials and tribulations of choosing the best for your child. We've meticulously designed a roadmap to ensure their rise in the soccer world, just like a well-plotted GPS for their sports career.
  • Much like the enduring appeal of the classics, our path of training is designed to stand the test of time. Our 10-month program is your child's timeless roadmap to success.
  • Opportunities like our limited-entry training program are like shooting stars, rare and impactful. Secure your child's place now for a transformative football journey.
  • Soccer is not just a sport, and we aren't just coaches. Beyond the field, we're fostering life skills such as cooperation, discipline, and resilience in your child. It's akin to shaping a future-ready champion, on and off the field.

Our Academy prides itself on our experienced technical team. Instead of worrying if your child is getting qualified guidance, rest easy knowing they are in the hands of proven winners who have achieved success in National, Provincial, and Collegiate Championships. This means your child gets the benefit of expert coaching that can push them to play at higher levels.

EliteXI Is Changing Lives

Including the lives of Ayden, Karen, and Nobu Ochi...

The Ochi family came to EliteXI - Canada in search of a transformative football experience for Ayden, a young player with a heart full of passion and dreams. What they found exceeded all their expectations. After joining the academy's Elite XI - Canada 08 Boys group, Ayden had the unique opportunity to compete at the world-renowned ESPN Wide World of Sports Showcase. There, under the guidance of highly-qualified coaches and alongside talented players, Ayden's team went against the odds and emerged victorious.

Ayden bonded quickly with his teammates, establishing a camaraderie rarely seen among youth sports teams. The team's triumph was a powerful testament to the EliteXI's commitment to nurturing champions both on and off the pitch, and to their goal of bringing together the best talent.

What was most notable was Ayden's deep connection to his teammates, a bond that surpassed all of his previous sporting experiences. It wasn't merely a case of developing game strategies and techniques but of creating a synergy, a sense of unity that goes beyond the field. This was a unique experience that transformed Ayden from a player into a champion.

2023-12-29 - ESPN WWOS - Espn wide world of sports (1)

"It ignited a fire within me to keep pushing."

San Diego Surf Cup 2023 was one of the best experiences I have been lucky to be apart of! It was like a dream come true! Not only did I get to play my favorite sport, but I also got to represent my country. By committing to this team, I had the chance to meet new girls from all over Canada, who are now my lifelong best friends. Even playing against other Women’s international teams, it was like a mini World Cup right there in San Diego. I also got to showcase myself in front of scouts from the highest level, and who could change my soccer career.

Not only did our team just meet each other a few days before stepping out onto the pitch, we also had to work hard both on and off the field in that short amount of time. Not only practicing our skills and pushing each other to the limit, but also having to understand each other as people and how we can work together to make sure the team has our best showing and exposure possible. It was all about giving it my all, being a team player, and showing everyone what I was made of.

The atmosphere at the San Diego Surf Cup was electric. The cheers from the crowd, the adrenaline pumping through my veins, it was an experience like no other. Every match felt like a battle, and I wouldn’t have wanted to share that with any other team or set of girls.


"It was a perfect blend of competition, camaraderie, and personal growth."

The competition was fierce, but it only fueled our determination as Canadians to succeed. But it wasn't just about the soccer. The friendships I made during the tournament were priceless. I met people from different countries, different cultures, and we bonded over our shared love for the game. We exchanged jerseys, took goofy pictures, and created memories that will last a lifetime. It was an amazing feeling just meeting new girls who were just as passionate about soccer as I am. It was a refreshing change and added a whole new dynamic to the tournament and even to who I am as a soccer player now.

Overall, the San Diego Surf Cup 2023 was an experience I will never forget. It was a perfect blend of competition, camaraderie, and personal growth. I learned so much about myself as a player and as a person. It ignited a fire within me to keep pushing, to work hard, and never give up on my dreams.

So, if you ever get the chance to participate in a tournament like this, take it and give it everything you've got. Trust me, you won't regret it! It truly is the best of the best!

"one of the best times of my life"

Katherine was simply an ordinary football enthusiast before she entered the gates of EliteXI - Canada. Her journey began when she was chosen for the 07 Girls team. This opportunity turned into a pivotal moment that changed her world forever. Katherine was immersed in the electrifying passion of the 2023 Surf Cup, playing for the Nike Team Elite XI, representing Canada. She found this experience exhilarating and transformative, shaping her skills and perspective towards the game.

But it was not just about the game. She believed it was a great learning experience both on and off the field. Throughout her journey, she experienced personal growth, understanding the essence of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance - values crucial to not just football but life's many endeavours. She made unforgettable connections with astounding coaches and athletes, forming bonds that she hopes will last a lifetime.

Her trip to the Surf Cup in San Diego was a dream come true. Living through some of the best times of her life, it's a memory that she deeply cherishes and she credits it all to EliteXI - Canada. Katherine did not just learn to play football better, but she learned to play life better. She lived her dream of playing on an elite team and grew as an individual, driven to push boundaries and break new grounds.

Katherine I.

NikeEliteXI2023SUN_DSC01478 (1)

"life-changing, invaluable stepping stones"

This transformative experience profoundly impacted the life of Giuliano Priolo...

Imagine a young soccer enthusiast from Calgary, stepping onto a flight anxious yet excited for the adventures that lay ahead. That’s the story of Giuliano Priolo. Accepting an invitation to the Surf Cup with Nike Elite was a choice that was as nerve-wracking as much as it was thrilling. Amid the hustle and bustle, Giuliano undoubtedly recognized the work put behind the scenes to craft this exceptional opportunity.

Stepping on foreign soils, representing the Surf and EliteXI Canada badges sewn onto his jersey, Giuliano savored every minute of his trip. With every pass, every tackle, he developed not just as a player, but evolved as an individual. The experiences not limited to the lush green fields, but also the rich cultural exposure, were life-changing, invaluable stepping stones in his road to success in this stunning sport.

Words of gratitude flow from Giuliano as he retrospectively cherishes the spirit of these unforgettable journeys: "I'm so honored and grateful for this opportunity...I appreciate everyone involved in providing me with these experiences. These moments are ones I'll always remember. Thank you."

"a transformative journey for every soccer-loving youngster."

"it's a transformative journey for every soccer-loving youngster."

This not just another sports program. With us, you're empowering them with an incredible opportunity to develop into exceptional athletes and empathic team players. You'll see amazing improvements in their physical strength, technical skills, teamwork, and overall performance levels. Plus, the chance of participating in prestigious events such as the ESPN World Showcase, Premier Super Copa, Dallas Cup  and more... It's more than a soccer academy - it's a transformative journey for every soccer-loving youngster. 

(limited spots available)

Still not sure? Take a look at our detailed academy program listed below.

Witness for yourself and appreciate the incredible changes it can bring. These include noticeable improvements in your child's soccer skills, a profound increase in their mental toughness, and their ability to play soccer at a much higher level.  Rather than having your child bouncing between different trainers and coaching styles, we provide consistency and high-quality coaching from our experienced technical team. This ensures that your child gets to benefit from professional, consistent coaching that incrementally develops their skills.  Here's an overview of our academy program:

1. Technical Performance Training

Technical performance soccer training is the foundation upon which all soccer excellence is built. It is a systematic approach to refining the fundamental skills that define the beautiful game. From dribbling and passing to shooting and ball control, technical training hones a player's ability to execute these actions with precision, speed, and creativity. It is a meticulous process that demands consistent practice and attention to detail, guided by skilled coaches who understand the nuances of the sport. This form of training not only enhances a player's individual abilities but also contributes to the overall success of the team. In essence, technical performance training forms the cornerstone of soccer development, empowering players to become masters of their craft and to contribute significantly to their team's success on the pitch.

  • Dribbling: Control the ball with your feet.
  • Passing: Accurately distribute the ball to teammates.
  • Shooting: Score goals with precision and power.
  • Ball Control: Master first touches and ball manipulation.

2. Tactical Intelligence

Tactical performance soccer training is the art of understanding and executing the strategic aspects of the game. It goes beyond individual skills, focusing on team dynamics, formations, and decision-making on the field. Through tactical training, players learn to read the game, anticipate opponents' moves, and make split-second decisions that can turn the tide of a match. It involves practicing various game scenarios, set plays, and positioning to ensure players are not just skilled but also strategically aware. Coaches play a pivotal role in imparting this knowledge, instilling a cohesive game plan, and fostering effective communication among teammates. Tactical performance training is what transforms a group of individuals into a well-organized, cohesive unit capable of outsmarting opponents and achieving success on the soccer field.


  • Positioning: Understand your role on the field.
  • Teamwork: Coordinate with teammates for strategic plays.
  • Decision Making: Choose the best actions in real-time.
  • Game Understanding: Anticipate opponents' moves and exploit weaknesses.

3. Physical Performance Conditioning

Physical performance conditioning is the cornerstone of an athlete's physical preparedness for the demanding sport of soccer. This training regimen focuses on enhancing a player's strength, endurance, speed, agility, and overall fitness. It encompasses a structured program that includes cardiovascular exercises, strength training, agility drills, and flexibility routines tailored specifically for soccer players. The goal is to ensure players can withstand the physical demands of the game, maintaining peak performance throughout the match and minimizing the risk of injuries. Effective physical conditioning not only enhances a player's individual capabilities but also contributes to the overall competitiveness and endurance of the team. It is an essential aspect of soccer training that ensures players are physically prepared to excel in the beautiful game.


  • Endurance: Maintain high energy levels throughout the game.
  • Speed: Sprint, change direction, and react quickly.
  • Strength: Win duels and protect the ball.
  • Agility: Navigate tight spaces with ease.

4.   Mental Toughness

Mental toughness preparedness training in soccer is the essential yet often underestimated aspect of player development. In the fast-paced and highly competitive world of soccer, the ability to remain composed under pressure, stay focused during intense matches, and bounce back from setbacks is of paramount importance. Mental toughness training equips players with the psychological tools needed to excel in high-stakes situations. It involves strategies for managing anxiety, building confidence, and developing strong self-belief. Moreover, it cultivates resilience, enabling players to maintain a positive mindset, learn from mistakes, and persevere through adversity. Ultimately, mental toughness preparedness training is not just about enhancing soccer performance; it's about nurturing well-rounded, confident individuals who can thrive not only on the pitch but also in the broader challenges of life.


  • Confidence: Believe in your abilities.
  • Resilience: Bounce back from setbacks.
  • Concentration: Stay focused under pressure.
  • Emotional Control: Manage frustration and anxiety.


  1. G - Game Understanding: Understanding the nuances of the game, such as tactics, strategies, and reading the field, is crucial for soccer success.
  2. R - Resilience: The ability to bounce back from setbacks, stay motivated after losses, and remain mentally strong during tough times on the pitch.
  3. I - Intensity: Soccer requires a high level of intensity, both physically and mentally. Players with grit bring a relentless work ethic and passion to every practice and match.
  4. T - Tenacity: Never giving up and continually striving for improvement, even in the face of challenges or adversity, is a hallmark of gritty soccer players.


Grit is the hidden driving force behind soccer performance that separates the good from the great. In the realm of the beautiful game, where skill, strategy, and teamwork take center stage, it is grit that underpins a player's ability to persist, adapt, and excel. Gritty soccer players display unwavering determination to overcome challenges, endure rigorous training regimens, and bounce back from defeats. They thrive under pressure, make critical decisions during intense matches, and consistently strive for improvement. In essence, grit is the intangible quality that fuels the relentless pursuit of excellence on the soccer pitch, making it a fundamental cornerstone of success in the sport.

5.   Human development

Human development in soccer extends beyond the sport itself, aiming to nurture young athletes into well-rounded individuals. Soccer, with its unique blend of physical, mental, and emotional demands, provides an ideal platform for holistic growth. It fosters discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership skills. It encourages a commitment to health and fitness and teaches the value of hard work, perseverance, and goal setting. Beyond the pitch, soccer instills qualities such as respect, empathy, and cultural awareness as players interact with diverse teammates and opponents. Human development in soccer is not solely about producing skilled athletes but also about cultivating individuals who are resilient, adaptable, and capable of contributing positively to their communities and society at large. It's about preparing players not just for the game but for life itself.



Join EliteXI High Performance Academy Program today, and be a part of a legacy that goes beyond the field - a legacy of passion, skill, and triumph. Elevate your game with EliteXI.  You must apply to become a part of The EliteXI Academy Pathway.  Click below to get started.