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About Us - Elite XI Soccer Academy - Vancouver Island

Welcome to Elite XI Soccer Academy - Vancouver Island, a proud and integral part of the Elite XI family, renowned for nurturing and developing the finest youth soccer talents across Canada. As a full member of the Upper Island District Soccer Association, we are directly linked to BC Soccer, CSA, and FIFA, ensuring our programs align with the highest standards in soccer training and development.

Our Vancouver Island branch stands as a distinguished affiliate of the nationally recognized Elite XI - Canada. This connection is pivotal in our mission to bring together the most promising young talents from all corners of Canada. Our goal is to provide these players with enriching and unique opportunities that are seldom found elsewhere.

At Elite XI Soccer Academy - Vancouver Island, we believe in creating an environment that transcends the ordinary. Our affiliation with Elite XI - Canada allows us to offer a platform where our players can engage with the best of the best in North America and even on international fronts. This exposure is not just about playing matches; it's about immersing our players in experiences that shape their skills, character, and understanding of the game at a global level.

The philosophy of Elite XI - Canada, which you can explore in more detail at, is deeply embedded in our approach. We focus on holistic development, ensuring that each player receives not only top-tier soccer training but also learns the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and resilience. Our programs are designed to challenge and inspire, pushing each player to reach their full potential both on and off the field.

Our coaches, many of whom have national certifications and extensive playing and coaching experience, are dedicated to providing personalized attention to each athlete. They are not just coaches; they are mentors who guide, motivate, and inspire our players to excel.

Elite XI Soccer Academy - Vancouver Island is more than just a soccer academy; it's a community where young talents are nurtured, where dreams are pursued passionately, and where the next generation of soccer stars is born. We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey, to be a part of a legacy that is shaping the future of Canadian soccer.

Join us, and be a part of the Elite XI legacy.



We envision a future where every soccer player's journey is amplified by unparalleled opportunities and transformative experiences, driving them to the zenith of their potential and the sport. Elite XI - Canada seeks to bridge local passion with global ambition, offering players unique pathways to hone their skills, compete against the best, and develop a multifaceted character. Our aspiration is for our athletes to not only shine on the global stage and at the pinnacle of play but also to stand as beacons of shared growth. As they return to their clubs, armed with enriched perspectives and a wealth of experiences, they become catalysts of inspiration, elevating their teammates and strengthening the wider soccer community.