The Nike Team Elite XI – Canada Program is a nationwide initiative aimed at
providing exceptional opportunities and experiences for talented soccer
players throughout Canada. Its primary objective is to offer players access to
new development pathways that complement their existing club programs.
By bringing together the best coaches and players from across the country,
the program seeks to foster a culture of excellence and provide unparalleled
support to talented individuals. The program caters to boys and girls aged
12-18, and identification opportunities will be available throughout Canada.
Selected players will have the unique opportunity to attend highly respected
events both in North America and internationally. The program is facilitated
by VIP Sports Inc.


VIP Sports Inc. is a Member with Upper Island District and BC Soccer, one of
the provincial governing bodies for the Canadian Soccer Association. Locally
owned and operated, VIP Sports has provided athletic opportunities for
hundreds of athletes from the ages of 4-19 over the last 6 years. The sports
club is a leading option for providing youth an enriched environment with an
emphasis on providing opportunities, and experiences that promote
individual player growth and development locally, regionally and
internationally. VIP Sports Inc. is also an affiliate member of Surf Soccer.

WHY NIKE Team Elite XI – Canada

The NIKE Team Elite XI – Canada Program unites top-performing athletes
from across the country, with the aim of offering unparalleled opportunities
and experiences. Specifically designed for players with exceptional skills and
capabilities, the program seeks to identify and showcase individuals who
possess the potential to excel at the College/University and/or at the
professional levels both in North America and abroad. The program seeks to
cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, who are driven by a shared
passion for the game and a desire to achieve their full potential.